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By 2025, 70 million children
around the world will suffer from obesity


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Created by FC Barcelona Nutritionists

This is what our PRO'S eat
to play at their best

  • Quick recovery healthy pizza

    To be as fast as the pro's

    See recipe
  • Muscle builder roast-beef rolls

    To be strong like the pro's

    See recipe
  • Mind sharpener gazpacho

    To become as accurate as the pro's

    See recipe
  • All-powerful banana and avocado pudding

    To jump as high as the pro's

    See recipe
  • Energy boost bars

    To be as powerful as the pro's

    See recipe

The Winners' Smoothies

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Features that help to Eat like A Pro



    Surf® bakes every inch of the tray evenly and cooks everything up to 30% faster. It also allows you to cook at different levels without mixing odours and flavours!


    Everfresh+® technology

    Beko refrigerators with EverFresh+® technology controls the humidty precisely via air channels so that fruits and vegetables kept fresh for up to 3 times longer than normal.



    Homemade pizza can be fresh and healthy if you use fresh and healthy ingredients. Thanks to PizzaPro™ you can cook like a true Italian in about 4 to 7 minutes!



    Thanks to vacuuming technology, air is removed from the jug before blending that prevents oxidation. Vitamins and nutrients are preserved at their most.



    Easily prepare homemade healthy pasta, fit sauces and organic cakes with BekoChef®. All with extra mixing, folding, whisking precision thanks to built-in timer.



    With high motor power, you can blend even the hardest fruits and vegetables with their most nutritious parts: seeds and peels.